22 March 2021
Great news from US study on 32000 people: 79% effectiveness (symptoms) and 100% effective at falling seriously ill. Singapore is finally talking to AZ to buy doses

20 March 2021
– ASTRAZENECA Indonesia has strongly rebuked the Ulema council claim to have been using pork derived ‘things’, as they avoid all animal related issues for quite a while now. Vaccination has restarted and Ulema in Java has been vaccinated with it
– In the recent days many news have come about the AstraZeneca vaccines for covid19. With 17 million people vaccinated around the globe, 11 only in the UK, some EU countries have decided to suddenly suspended the inoculation of this vaccine out of media outburst of unproven dangers. Media, and social media, rampage was utterly ridiculous and aimed clearly to fuel the terror. Populations, instead, where quite pragmatic and firmly requesting the vaccination to continue. The European agency has certified over and over, and did once again last Thursday, that the vaccine is safe, that the benefits of taking are so huge that vaccinations should have restarted immediately. As they did.
The panic on some media was baseless, scientifically an idiocy like nothing else.
What happened? Good question. Some reports talk about an online push of troll farms to delegitimize the vaccine in the EU, all for the eyes of developing countries which are receiving AZ vaccine via COVAX which cost 1/3 of others based on same viral technology and that have not been scientifically reviewed, but apparently used as a geopolitical weapon.
All these events should be carefully investigate by secret services. My humble opinion.

US will send around 6 million AZ doses to Mexico and Canada.

– In Togo, the AstraZeneca vaccine would have increased by factor 10 (!!!!) the libido in 1% of inoculated patients (the story here in French). I know what you are thinking ‘it can’t be true, but well… not to bad in case!‘ More scientific data will be needed to verify that ‘side effect’.

19 March 2021
– Indonesia surprisingly declared the AZ vaccine as haram (forbidden) by islamic rules, yet its use permissible for emergency. News can be found here.
Few fact to form your own opinion, Indonesia has the largest muslim population in the world and the MUI the islamic council of the ulema, meanwhile not a state body, has a huge rule in the life and politics of the country. The actual vice president was the head and he is well respected. When China offered its vaccine (sinovac) to the country (cost 60$ per dose, two) it was immediately declared halal. Beware that Indonesians are extremely skeptical of Chinese vaccine. The state, furthermore, can inoculate only Sinovac and AZ (received via COVAX and by and order of 100 million doses by the minister Erick Thohir in September 2020), the others (J&J, Moderna etc) are for the private sectors to buy and sell. Sinovac seems to have won the lottery (Indonesians are 270 millions).


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