22 March 2021
Singapore Health Agency HSA has decided to ask more data from Sinovac before going on on studying its potential use.
Humble opinion: it won’t. Why? Either they have been studying it since December or just now (as some media reported). The latter is unlikely as you need weeks to asses what is missing what to ask etc. The former situation, the HSA has been studying it for months (as they did with all vaccines), means they are just trying to postpone any public decision, a polite way to say NO WAY.

20 March 2021
Curiously along with AZ problems in EU, China announced that a faster access to the nation will be given to whoever is vaccinated with their product. Humble opinion: stupid propaganda. They will accept anyone and this announcement makes them look idiotic.

17 March 2021
As from Aljazeera article (here) there is a significant problem in Chile with the vaccination. Chile is one of the brightest star in the rather dark sky of vaccination programs worldwide. Almost 45% of its population has been inoculated so far. In a country that is elongated, that has a lot of mountains and comes from huge political crisis, well it is really a great achievements. How they did should be studied and will be, for years. With Israel and UK and now US, it is really a remarkable story.
Problem: it has been using the Chinese vaccine. Its trials outcome are unknown, there is no real reliable data available and the few things we know, are from Brazil that said its trials showed a 50% effectiveness, data that the company contested with their own data (not shown) of 90+%. In fact sinovac has never asked European, UK or US authority for any authorization. Do they know they will never get it? Probably yes.
So? So here we have a big big problem.
Either the sinovac does not work at all or it does not wit the South American variants. Outcome is the same.
Sinovac data are unknown, at best scientifically unreliable. Chile gambled, they had to, they cannot be blamed.



31 March 2021
The Pfizer trial on adolescents between 12 and 16 reported an efficiency of 100%. It is known that kids are very very rarely effected by the covid19, so it should not surprise that the very efficient Pfizer vaccine boosts the defenses even more. That’s a fantastic news. Problem… the countries with youngest population percentages do not have the storage facilities for mRNA vaccines. Nonetheless it is a great news, because CDC has proven that mRNA vaccinated people can’t spread the virus. They are not carriers!
Reuters report is here.