Moderna TX, Inc.

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The ‘technical’ name is mRNA-1273 and it has been developed on mRNA technology. It is the first product of Moderna, based in Texas and founded in September 2010 by Robert Langer, Noubar Afeyan, Derrick Rossi, Kenneth R. Chien, David Berry.
The vaccine consists of 2 shots 28 days apart in the muscle of the upper arm. It is reported to be effective at 94% in clinical trials. They have announced to have started phase 2/3 of their vaccine for under 16 and children. The stocks ‘label’ is MRNA which 1 year ago were around 24$ each (the company had no product yet); on 11 February were around 189$.

Storage (as from CDC guidelines)

Price (approx) 25 / 37 USD per dose
It is reported to have side effects like pain the injected spot, and sometimes tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea
It is reported to be working against the latest variants (UK, South Africa and Brazil).

Countries that have approved and that are using this vaccine against covid19: basically everyone.